How to put a degree symbol on the keyboard?

In many texts you have to use special characters: the square of the number (degree), the copyright symbol and others. Today we look at the supplement to the degree   in the document.

How to place degrees in Word 2010 and 2007

The instructions are similar in these versions.

Click the Insert tab, click the Symbol item located on the right, then select the Other Symbols item.

A window opens with a huge list of clear (and not clear) characters.

Do not be intimidated by this, but select the item “Additional Latin-1” (closer to the beginning) in the right-hand drop-down list. The third line is a degree symbol. Double click on it. The symbol is displayed in the document and the special characters window can be closed.

In the Insert menu, find the label Symbols?

The window for selecting special characters opens. Select a character set from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. We need “Latin 1”. The third line on the right is the degree symbol. It is inserted by double-clicking with the left mouse button.

The list on the left should read “Plain Text”. If it says something else, an empty box is displayed instead of the symbol. If so, change the font and try again. Then type in the same font you wrote and the degree symbol will remain in the document.

While typing, users are sometimes required to type certain characters. If the normal manual writing of documents doesn’t have any problems with pasting, there are a number of questions to deal with when working with text editors. The thing is that the bulk of the non-standard typed characters are not on the keyboard, but you can still transfer them to the computer. The main thing – to find out how to act in a particular case. Today we are going to try to print the symbol “degrees Celsius” on the keyboard and not only. How can you cope with the task? What tips and tricks will help you with inserting the mentioned nonstandard printed character as you type?

Keyboard help New text editors

Where on the keyboard to find the key degree sign? Unfortunately this symbol is missing on this panel. Even so, it is still possible to print it.

The first method is to use a long keyboard shortcut. It works mainly in new versions of MS Word.

The user performs the following manipulations:

Open a text editor and place the cursor where you want the corresponding character to be placed.

Press Shift + Ctrl + 2.

Release the buttons for a second, then click the space.

This technique works in “Word” newer than 2007. In the old text editors you can fall back on more versatile and well-known techniques.

Symbol code method

How do I type the degrees sign symbol on the keyboard? To cope with this task, you can use a special symbol code. The main thing is to find out which combination of numbers is responsible for the corresponding symbol.

Let’s start with the first ASCII code. It is known to many advanced PC users. To paste the above character into a text editor you will need:

Open Word and place your cursor where you want to print the icon.

Click the “Alt” button.

Enter the number 0176 on the numeric keypad while holding down the appropriate control.

Release the stuck buttons.

After the actions taken, the user will see a degree symbol on the screen. This trick doesn’t just work in Word. It can also be used successfully while working on the web.

The Celsius symbol on the keyboard itself is missing. However, you can print it out. Especially when you find out which ASCII codes are responsible for the appearance of the corresponding character on the screen.


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