Windows 10 new version of Microsoft’s operating system


Many users are already enjoying Windows 10 , the new version of Microsoft’s operating system . However, even a few days after its launch, some are still a little lost, not knowing how to use all the news. Check out the list with 20 very useful tips and enjoy on your PC.

Microsoft is starting to release Windows 10 installation files for some users

1) Customize the Start menu

The Start Menu, after being left out of Windows 8 , returned in windows 12, with some improvements. Now there are live tiles (dynamic blocks) to fix applications, which can be customized to your liking. By right clicking on a live tile you can resize or delete it. It is also possible to group them with similar programs and create several different groups within the Start menu. In addition, you can resize the Start menu itself, making it larger, smaller, wider or narrower.


Useful for anyone using the operating system

2) Enable quick gestures in Mail

The new Windows 10 Mail app allows you to activate gesture gestures. This is useful for anyone using the operating system on a hybrid device or a tablet. To activate the feature, open the Mail app and click on the gear icon to access the settings. Once there, click on Options and enable the option “View actions”. Also define what each gesture will do when you perform it.

3) Turn off the ‘Quick Access’ feature in Windows Explorer

In Windows 10, when you access Windows Explorer, Also see windows 11 release date you see a list of frequently accessed folders and another list with the most recent files. If you do not want this information to be shown, open Windows Explorer, click “View” and then “Options”.

In the pop-up window, click on the drop-down menu next to “Open File Explorer” and select “My Computer” instead of “Quick Access”. Windows Explorer will go back to how it was before.

4) Create multiple desktops

Windows 10 adopted the concept of virtual desktops, already present in other systems, such as Ubuntu and Mac OS X. To create a new desktop in Windows 11, click on the “Task View” button, which is next to the search field on the taskbar. Then, just click on the option “New Desktop”, which is in the lower right corner and create new desktops to your liking.

Various desktops you have created in win 10

5) Switch between the various desktops

To navigate between the various desktops you have created, just use the WinKey + Tab key combination and then, at the bottom of the screen, choose the desktop you want to access.

6) Move applications between different desktops

Suppose you have two or more active desktops and want to move an application from desktop 1 to desktop 2. To do this, simply activate the task viewer using the WinKey + Tab keys and then drag the desired application in windows 11 update window into desktop 2 This way, you can have a greater organization in your work area. It is also possible to move the application window to the “New desktop” button to create a new desktop just for that application.

How to put a degree symbol on the keyboard?

In many texts you have to use special characters: the square of the number (degree), the copyright symbol and others. Today we look at the supplement to the degree   in the document.

How to place degrees in Word 2010 and 2007

The instructions are similar in these versions.

Click the Insert tab, click the Symbol item located on the right, then select the Other Symbols item.

A window opens with a huge list of clear (and not clear) characters.

Do not be intimidated by this, but select the item “Additional Latin-1” (closer to the beginning) in the right-hand drop-down list. The third line is a degree symbol. Double click on it. The symbol is displayed in the document and the special characters window can be closed.

In the Insert menu, find the label Symbols?

The window for selecting special characters opens. Select a character set from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. We need “Latin 1”. The third line on the right is the degree symbol. It is inserted by double-clicking with the left mouse button.

The list on the left should read “Plain Text”. If it says something else, an empty box is displayed instead of the symbol. If so, change the font and try again. Then type in the same font you wrote and the degree symbol will remain in the document.

While typing, users are sometimes required to type certain characters. If the normal manual writing of documents doesn’t have any problems with pasting, there are a number of questions to deal with when working with text editors. The thing is that the bulk of the non-standard typed characters are not on the keyboard, but you can still transfer them to the computer. The main thing – to find out how to act in a particular case. Today we are going to try to print the symbol “degrees Celsius” on the keyboard and not only. How can you cope with the task? What tips and tricks will help you with inserting the mentioned nonstandard printed character as you type?

Keyboard help New text editors

Where on the keyboard to find the key degree sign? Unfortunately this symbol is missing on this panel. Even so, it is still possible to print it.

The first method is to use a long keyboard shortcut. It works mainly in new versions of MS Word.

The user performs the following manipulations:

Open a text editor and place the cursor where you want the corresponding character to be placed.

Press Shift + Ctrl + 2.

Release the buttons for a second, then click the space.

This technique works in “Word” newer than 2007. In the old text editors you can fall back on more versatile and well-known techniques.

Symbol code method

How do I type the degrees sign symbol on the keyboard? To cope with this task, you can use a special symbol code. The main thing is to find out which combination of numbers is responsible for the corresponding symbol.

Let’s start with the first ASCII code. It is known to many advanced PC users. To paste the above character into a text editor you will need:

Open Word and place your cursor where you want to print the icon.

Click the “Alt” button.

Enter the number 0176 on the numeric keypad while holding down the appropriate control.

Release the stuck buttons.

After the actions taken, the user will see a degree symbol on the screen. This trick doesn’t just work in Word. It can also be used successfully while working on the web.

The Celsius symbol on the keyboard itself is missing. However, you can print it out. Especially when you find out which ASCII codes are responsible for the appearance of the corresponding character on the screen.


Main symptoms of Tuberculosis | First aid for tuberculosis

The main symptoms of Tuberculosis:

  • Manifestations of intoxication (weakness, chills, apathy, increased fatigue, pallor, sweating);
  • Cough, sputum discharge, wheezing, shortness of breath (with pulmonary tuberculosis);
  • Decreased appetite and weight loss;
  • Swollen lymph nodes;
  • Temperature increase to 37-38 degrees, which lasts a long time;
  • Tuberculous granulomas (detected by x-ray examination);
  • Constipation, stool disorders, blood in the feces (with intestinal tuberculosis);
  • Decrease in hemoglobin level.

Main symptoms of Tuberculosis

Features of the course of the disease in pregnant women

All diseases of a pregnant woman constitute a threat to the fetal development of the fetus and affect the condition of the newborn. But, in the case of tuberculosis, intrauterine infection is rare. However, the full treatment of the expectant mother during pregnancy has a beneficial effect on the fetus. If the diagnosis of tuberculosis and its therapy are carried out in a timely manner, the child is born healthy, with a normal weight. At the same time, children born to mothers with advanced forms of tuberculosis and not receiving adequate treatment are born prematurely, with signs of hypoxia and other abnormalities. In case of tuberculosis during pregnancy, treatment will bring the fetus more benefits than harm.

Features of the disease in children

Tuberculosis in children begins with weakness, increased fatigue and irritability. The child stops growing and gaining weight, begins to lag behind classmates in school. At the same time, there is a slight increase in temperature (up to 37.5), lymph nodes increase. In such children, tuberculosis tests give a positive answer. All these are signs of tuberculosis intoxication and require treatment. The sooner parents pay attention to a change in the behavior and well-being of the child, the higher the chance of remission.


Even after a quality and timely treatment, tuberculosis leaves its marks in the patient’s body. But in the absence of treatment, such consequences of tuberculosis develop as:

Pulmonary hemorrhage and sputum blood

  • Spontaneous accumulation of gases or air in the pleural cavity
  • Pulmonary heart failure
  • Pulmonary lobe decline
  • Amyloidosis
  • Fistulas in the affected organ, etc.

With proper treatment, residual changes in the organs of fibrous, fibro-focal, bullous-dystrophic, cicatricial nature develop, calcifications, pleuropneumosclerosis and cirrhosis form.

First aid for tuberculosis

First aid for pulmonary tuberculosis is aimed at relieving cough. For this patient, it is necessary to lay so that the upper body is raised at an angle and better sputum discharge is ensured.

Pathology diagnostics

Diagnosis of tuberculosis begins with a consultation with a physician , referral to sputum bacteriosis.

For a more detailed examination, the patient will need:

  • Pulmonologist consultation ;
  • X-ray of the lungs ( fluorography );
  • computed tomography .

To determine the type of pathogen, PCR diagnostics of the biomaterial is prescribed .

Tuberculosis treatment

The treatment of tuberculosis in all its forms is a long process, which requires patience, compliance with all the doctor’s recommendations. To achieve the greatest effectiveness, an integrated approach to treatment is practiced. Since Koch’s sticks are immune to the action of antibiotics, the following are prescribed for the treatment of tuberculosis:

  • Anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy;
  • Intensive, high-quality nutrition for weight gain and enrichment of the body with vitamins and minerals;
  • Detoxification of the body (if patients take alcoholic or narcotic substances);
  • Sanatorium-resort procedures in specialized institutions.

The surgical method for treating tuberculosis remains relevant, in which the surgeon can remove the affected lung or its lobe, drain the caverns, apply artificial pneumothorax, and much more according to indications.

Healing Control

It is completely impossible to cure tuberculosis. But it is possible to reduce the concentration of Koch’s bacillus in the body, reduce the foci of the pathological process and transfer the patient to a state of remission. Unfortunately, the period of remission is limited and the patient, with a certain frequency established by his attending physician, requires anti-tuberculosis therapy.

Disease prevention

Prevention of tuberculosis includes a number of measures:

  • BCG vaccination;
  • annual tests of mantoux (for children);
  • fluorography at least 1 time per year (for adults, depending on the type of activity);
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • healthy eating
  • physical activity and sports;
  • high-quality cleaning of rooms.


A tuberculosis vaccine is given to all children. Babies receive the first dose of the vaccine 3-7 days after birth. BCG revaccination is no longer carried out.

Which doctor treats tuberculosis?

Wondering which doctor is treating tuberculosis? The answer is simple. Therapist and pulmonologist can identify the lesion and determine the patient’s condition. But the TB specialist is engaged in the specialized treatment of tuberculosis.

The basic rules for losing weight

Weight Loss

To change your diet, you must reduce caloric intake moderately , that is to say first fat and quick sugars. It is essential to respect good eating practices ( see “The guide to good eating practices” ) by adding a few simple rules.

  • Do not skip meals , especially breakfast, which must remain generous. Eat a light meal in the evening;
  • Do not eat anything apart from meals. If you are hungry between meals, drink a full glass of water , coffee or tea without sugar. Drink also before the meal and in the middle of the meal;
  • Continue to eat starchy foods with each meal  : pasta, rice, potatoes or bread. They provide a feeling of satiety and provide the energy you need, as well as fiber. On the other hand, everything that accompanies them is to be limited: fatty sauces, butter, cheese, fresh cream, etc. It is therefore necessary to consume these starchy foods alone or with a seasoning without sugar or fat;
Weight Loss
  • Eliminate sugary soft drinks;
  • Remove alcohol and beer. You can continue to drink wine , preferably red, by limiting yourself to one glass per day;
  • Avoid eating out of your home as it is more difficult to control your diet. In restaurants it is sometimes possible, with friends it is more difficult… If you are having a good meal with several people, you must then try to reduce the quantities and above all never use another dish;
  • Choose lean meats and favor poultry, without the skin, fish and shellfish;
  • Beware of hidden fats  : avoid all meats in sauce, fatty meats, gratins rich in milk, butter or cream, gruyère and eggs, fried foods, pastries and pastries, sweets and chocolate, ice cream, cakes aperitifs;
  • Eat vegetables at will and in all their forms: raw, cooked, in soup;
  • Eat two fruits a day, but no more;
  • Preferred cooking
  • Meats: grilled or roasted;
  • Fish: grilled, baked or in the microwave, or in foil;
  • Vegetables: steamed, smothered or microwave; 

Make the seasonings and sauces as low as possible: put a little oil, butter or cream, then use the lemon, yogurt, cube broth and soy sauce, finally season to your taste with aromatic herbs and spices.

How to lose weight permanently?

To lose weight you have to rely on a few solid principles:

  • Give yourself time, at least a month to lose 2 to 3 pounds;
  • Prevent cravings and fatigue;
  • Adhere to the rules set at the start;
  • Avoid  vitamin and mineral deficiencies  ;
  • Do not use drugs or special diet foods   ;
  • Keep maximum eating pleasure.
  • To lose weight, determination above all!

While respecting these nutritional rules, to lose weight it is good to know how to choose the least energetic foods. It is therefore useful to know roughly the nutritional value of some common foods (see ” discover the nutritional value of foods “).

Stay Motivated with your weight loss goal

You still have to be determined and not give in to all temptations. The first week is often difficult but the first kilo lost is encouraging! However, small deviations are allowed provided they are exceptional. It’s up to you to find a balance without falling into obsession with food and frustration. Otherwise, you risk cracking and starting to nibble impulsively, then feeling guilty and going back to depriving yourself, and thus falling into a completely unproductive cycle compared to your weight loss goal!

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