13 steps to lose weight quickly

lose weight

Do not fall into the diet trap to lose weight quickly

There are natural ways, the most natural ways to lose weight, but also achieve perfect health.

How many diets or pills sold today may allow you to lose a little bit of weight, but go completely against good health.

Because in the end, it is not because we lose weight or even that we find an ideal weight, that we are in perfect health. There are plenty of pills or diets that help us lose weight quickly and easily, but are completely against good health and will even be bad for our health.

Personally, I am not at all for this kind of diet or pill completely adulterated and full of side effects, which the body should never normally receive in the body and which in the long term, bring very bad side effects.

lose weight

When we have the possibility of losing all of our excess pounds quickly , but in addition obtaining health as we may never have had. That is to say a health that allows us to have huge energy gain every day.

Health that allows us to be fulfilled on a daily basis, since our physical health is linked to our mental health. Health that will ultimately allow us to achieve much more fulfillment and happiness every day.

This is very far from the diets or pills that we are offered at every pub or elsewhere, and whose sole objective is to make the most money.

What the pro-diet or pro-pill industries are saying

What these industries are saying is that they are taking a problem to solve that people may have, the problem here is of course losing weight quickly and easily.

Then, they will design a diet or pill that will allow you to lose a few pounds, without making any effort, but which on the other hand will in most cases be very unhealthy.

But that, they will never tell us, because most people think that if they lose weight they will have better health, which in the end is more or less true.

However, according to the diet, according to the drugs or the pills that we could take to lose weight quickly, it is a whole different story, and it is very rare to find today methods that combine both the loss of optimal weight and health.

Besides, we can even say to ourselves:

But how is it that this kind of diet to lose weight, for example, on TV? They are professionals, they know what they are talking about, they have controls. They would never sell something that was bad for our health.

And in fact, we are far from having a reality like this, since there are what are called lobbyists, who are people who are paid and whose job is to put pressure on other people to be able to get what they want.

And that’s how it is for most big industries , in addition to paying huge sums to be able to bribe and get what they want, they also use and hire people who are there to exert pressure , called of lobbies. And that’s how they manage to sell us shit…

The importance of integrating a healthy but gourmet diet

In this article, I would like to make you understand the importance of changing your daily diet and not following a diet, pills, or medication for only a certain period of time in order to lose weight.

It is much more useful and intelligent to make a dietary change which will allow us to have fun with healthy things but which are also greedy for losing weight quickly.

As you certainly know, the extra pounds affect the whole body, be it the brain, the spine, the knees, the joints, the heart.

The extra pounds are a source of inflammation and pain for the whole body, in addition to affecting your mental, emotional and spiritual state.

Either way, any diet that is restrictive creates a sense of deprivation and frustration. After a diet, you usually gain weight as soon as you increase your calorie intake, this is called the yo-yo effect that you should certainly know.

This is why in this article, we are not going to talk about diet but rather eating habits.

8 health benefits of sports – Burn More Calories

Relaxation, meditation: major allies

In addition to a good diet and assiduous activity, the methods of relaxation and meditation perfectly complement your approach to physical well-being. Meditation is a great way to learn to listen to feelings and to calm down.  Today’s life means that we take little time for ourselves, everything goes fast and we sometimes forget ourselves in the middle of it all.

It is however easy to find a moment to meditate, by devoting yourself to it ten minutes daily. Meditating is about keeping your attention on something and avoiding the mind wandering around with permanent thoughts. The goal ? When your mind is not brooding, thinking about annoyances which depress you, it is then in letting go by letting these thoughts pass, without dwelling on them.

8 health benefits of sport  

These benefits on stress, anxiety, ability to concentrate and positivity as well as on the immune system and the quality of sleep having been demonstrated, granting you these 10 minutes just to you, will undoubtedly have a remarkable influence for you help lose weight easily. – THE BASIC RULES FOR LOSING WEIGHT Visit here.

How many squats per day to lose weight?

Do you want to lose weight through easy exercises? For this, squats are the best solution. They build muscle throughout your body while burning your calories. With a balanced diet and squat exercises to lose weight, you will have a sculpted silhouette for this summer.

The benefits of squats for weight loss

Doing squats is very simple! It involves flexing the knees to build muscle for the whole body. Squats are ideal for reshaping. In fitness, this is the exercise that you will find in all sports halls. And for good reason, they have multiple benefits.

Muscle development

The squat is a very complete exercise since it acts on the glutes , the thighs , the hamstrings (which are located behind the thighs), and the abdominals. In addition to this, your adductors, calves and your lower back are also used during a session. The squat is said to be polyarticular, that is to say it makes it possible to build muscle in three joints, namely the hips, the knees and the ankles.
Thanks to the squat, it is mainly the lower part of your body that you work. You will get thin legs and a hard buttock like rock.

Due to an improvement in the bodybuilding of your entire body, the squat improves posture and balance on a daily basis. If you are looking for excuses not to squat, there is none! Indeed, you can train at home, in the gym or outside. It takes just a few minutes a day to sculpt a dream body.

The fat burner

Many fitness centers and sports coaches recommend the squat to lose weight. The reason is simple, it makes the whole body work.

However, the more the muscles are stressed, the more our body needs to expend energy. In doing so, it is very easy to lose weight provided you follow a balanced diet. You surely know it, to lose weight, you must always spend more than what you consume! So eat healthy and burn calories while doing squats. The advantage of this practice is that you can do it at home.

So rather than sitting on your couch watching TV, you can continue watching your favorite programs while building your body. Squats promote weight loss and this is scientifically proven. According to a study by Harvard University, people who squat lose more calories than those who carry weights. In comparison, a 70-pound person would lose 223 calories with squats, compared to 112 with weights. If you want to burn fat quickly, it is possible to opt for a more intense variant of the squat; the squat jumped. It is a more cardio exercise, since you will have to jump after each curl.

Best Summer Recipes to Retain Good Health 2020

lose weight

Against water retention: 10 food tips Are you squeezed by your clothes at the end of the day? Are your legs swollen? Are you bothered by 1 to 2 pounds that come and go with the menstrual cycle? Don’t worry: it’s water! Whatever the cause of your fluid retention, your diet can play a key role. Here are ten easy-to-follow tips. lose weight Set aside the salt shaker Lesel (sodium chloride ) retains the liquids in the cells. Consumed as excess , it inflates. To reduce consumption of salt :

  • taste before salting,
  • are spiced and flavored.
  • Focus on diuretic fruits and vegetables

Leek, artichoke, zucchini, fennel , cucumber, melon, watermelon, red fruits… Seasonal fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium and fiber which contribute to elimination and diuresis. Track down hidden salt in all its forms We limit the salt consumed in its hidden forms: cold meats , cheeses , ready meals , cubic broths. As an aperitif, we forget the peanuts , pistachios and other exotic cocktails intended for the aperitif that are full of salt: 1 g of salt for a handful of 40 g! Revolutionize your picnics Chips, sausage… all are on the list of the most salty foods! We prefer cold meats, hard-boiled eggs, chewable vegetables and fresh fruit. We also think of figs, raisins, rich in potassium, diuretic.US ! Reconnect with naturalness All processed products, even sweet, contain salt, but also additives that would cause intolerance, at the digestive level, responsible for retention. We prefer homemade and basic foods, and we limit the dishes prepared for troubleshooting by checking that they contain less than 1 g per serving (400 mg of sodium). Vary the legumes the  legumes(also called pulses ) are full of nutrients: proteins, B vitamins, iron, magnesium… So, in addition to the classic lentils, think of red and white beans, flageolets, split peas.

Drink water throughout the day

Contrary to popular belief, there is a reduction in water consumption and water retention. Good hydration of the body favors a better elimination of toxic substances by the urines. Ideally , there are eight glasses of water, distributed throughout the day Choosing the right fats Rather than foods rich in saturated fats (butter, cream, cold meats, etc.), we prefer those rich in omega-3 , such as fatty fish (salmon, herring, mackerel, etc.) and oils from nuts, soya, rapeseed, wheat germ (2 to 3 tablespoons per day)… These unsaturated fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties are essential for the balance of our metabolism and the proper functioning of our defenses. Cooking with vegetable oils Use rapeseed, nut or olive  oil for your dishes  and avoid peanut and palm oils which contain more saturated fatty acids. Olive oil is nutritionally interesting and can be heated without being degraded. If you don’t like this oil, choose rapeseed oil, which can be heated.

Eat enough protein

Any deficiency in proteins generates a metabolic regulation favorable to water retention. It is recommended to eat eaten today animal proteins (meat, fish, eggs) and / or vegetable (cereals, dry vegetables) to cover your daily needs (0.83 gparkilodepoidscorporeal). Lose weight Do you want to lose weight and don’t really know how to go about it? To lose weight permanently, it is better to make some food adjustments and some exercises rather than depriving yourself unnecessarily.   You can successfully lose a few pounds on two conditions: change your eating habits and increase your physical activity. If you do not do any physical exercise today, it is not necessarily a question of doing sports , but a daily walk or a little swimming each week can already do a lot. Warning ! If you need to lose five pounds or more, go see a doctor or dietitian because you need regular monitoring.

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